Early in my son’s elementary school experience, I called my mom to talk through some snags I was encountering in helping him get the instruction he needed.  My mom recounted having similar feelings when she faced similar situations for me years earlier. 

I realized then that if I was fighting the same educational battles my mom fought, something needed to change—the systems, the understandings, the networks, the approaches—something about the process needed to be better for my child than it was for me.  

Since that moment (and probably to my children’s chagrin), I have been focused on making improvements happen in every classroom, with every teacher and principal, in every school district, in every place we’ve called home.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar


Let's support all DSCD learners through school-based enforcement of IEPs and 504 plans for qualifying students.


Let's create a commitment to dedicated honors education in every Davis County school.


Let's keep our teachers current on how to create classrooms that provide independent instruction for all learning groups.


Let's provide students and teachers with a mathematics education grounded in proven techniques.


Let's ensure DCSD's curriculum decisions and requirements are easy to find and easy to understand.


Let's build Davis County School District's approach to technology on data-driven and access-focused best practices.



I grew up in Davis County and graduated from Bountiful High School with an entire class of talented, fun, interesting peers--many of whom have chosen to raise their families in Davis County. 

I've spent a lot of time as a student and as an educator.  Following my graduate training at BYU, I relocated to the east coast for fifteen years where I researched for the Library of Congress and taught undergraduate writing courses as an adjunct faculty member at Northeastern University and the University of Maryland.  

Wherever I've lived, I've seen the powerful community that public schools create.  This community is healthiest and most vibrant when citizens and leaders work together for teachers and students. Knowing this, I've been an involved parent, active PTA member, and PTA board member in four different school districts and three different states.

Being able to call Davis County home again allows me to give back to the same community--and the very same schools--that encouraged and fostered me. 

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I have taught every kind of student at both the beginning and ending of his college experience.  As a result, I have seen what it takes for a student to get into a university and what it takes for her to stay there.  

I've also mentored students who knew college wasn’t right for them or their future but found themselves there—at substantial financial cost—because their K-12 training lacked the appropriate counseling to help them.

In addition to training students, I've researched and written about education—most recently for the Deseret News.  Davis Tech plays an important role in this story I worked on in 2019.

  • BA English, Brigham Young University

  • MA English, Brigham Young University

  • Fellow, Library of Congress, Washington DC

  • Adjunct Faculty, Northeastern University, Boston MA

  • Adjunct Faculty, Brigham Young University

  • Adjunct Faculty, University of Maryland at College Park, College Park MD

  • Seminar Development and Instruction, University of Washington, Seattle WA

  • Co-Founder, Lives Unencumbered, Salt Lake City UT

  • Reporter, Deseret News, Salt Lake City UT


I have experienced the many ways educators, parents, and school districts all over the country approach issues that matter to communities:  diversity, technology, access, special education, teacher training, administration, gifted and talented education, and funding

Some of these models have worked well. Some have been innovative. Some have been a mess. I have been actively involved with each school district's model.

I've asked questions, raised funds, met with teachers and administrators, consulted with district officials, and been guided by outside educational consultants and professionals—all while wearing my parent hat, my PTA liaison hat, my taxpayer hat, my professional educator hat. 

  • PTA member, Howard County Schools, Columbia MD

  • PTA secretary, Prince George’s County Schools, University Park MD

  • PTA vice-president, Prince George’s County Schools, University Park MD

  • PTA member, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle WA

  • Homeschooling parent, Seattle WA

  • PTA member, Davis County Schools, Bountiful UT

"Being able to call Davis County home again allows me to give back to the same community--and the very same schools--that encouraged and fostered me."



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